When good enough
isn't good enough.

Data Science is a broad field that encompasses several different specializations: statistics, machine learning, data engineering, and software development. It is nearly impossible to find a single person to fill all of these rolls, yet hiring a team is very expensive. All too often, companies must decide between two unsatisfying choices: employing a single person with a narrow skill set or paying the high cost of building a team of specialists.

We provide a better alternative.


We are your team.

Working with a analytics shop like Methods Consultants costs less than bringing a team of data scientists on salary. We can provide any combination of data science skills you need, and you never have to pay for an employee’s down time or the cost of learning skills on the fly. Only work with the right kind of data scientist for your job, and only when you need it.

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We grow with you.

Does your project currently only require predictive modeling and forecasting? We won’t upsell you; you will work exclusively with an expert on statistics and machine learning. When you want to turn a forecasting model into production? We’re ready for you: add on support for application development.

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We get answers.

Our team is made up of a group of highly experienced statisticians, predictive modelers, application developers, and database experts that can address any combination of data science needs. At the same time, we understand that your goal is to turn complex data into clear, actionable answers. No techno-babble, and we won’t bore or confuse you to make ourselves look smart.

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Transparent, replicable analysis.

Every line of analysis and software code is saved, annotated, and strictly version-controlled using private git repositories.

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