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Our Work

We pride ourselves in making the complicated simple.


Healthcare Conundrum

Professional association of health care providers requests help at crunch time with automating the creation of hundreds of statistical tables to include in their annual report.

Our Solution

Develop complex code to efficiently analyze mounds of survey data to drastically save the organization time over their previous method of using canned point-and-click software.


Small Business Conundrum

Customer is interested in gaining ISO certification in process control, requires software to monitor ongoing internal processes that meets the company’s specific needs but is easy to use.

Our Solution

Conduct rigorous statistical modeling to improve the survey; perform validity checks using imputation and non-imputation methods for handling missing data.


Non-Profit Conundrum

Education non-profit works to improve after-school programs for at-risk youth and requests reliable analytics support to handle many years-worth of student, staff, and parent survey data.

Our Solution

Provide ongoing, agile support for complex survey analysis, validity assessments, and comparative effectiveness testing of the intervention.


Research Conundrum

 Major research health system requested assistance with validating new survey instrument and advising on handling missing data for large study funded by the National Institutes of Health.

Our Solution

Write sophisticated analytics code to enable non-data scientists to easily generate the desired output.​