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Our Team

Jeremy Albright, Ph.D.
CEO | Senior Data Scientist

Jeremy created Methods to make life a little simpler for those of us who aren’t data nerds. Simplifying data into understandable insights is his passion. He remains dedicated to the education and knowledge of his clients every step of the way.

Jeremy received his doctorate in political science in 2008 from Indiana University, where he specialized in analyzing cross-national survey data. Jeremy has received multiple awards recognizing his research excellence, including a Fulbright to study election campaigns in Spain.

Before starting Methods, Jeremy was employed as a data consultant at Indiana University’s Stat/Math Center and as a Research Investigator at the University of Michigan’s Inter-univeristy Consortium for Political and Social Research. Since 2010, he has lectured on data privacy and analysis issues in Washington, DC., Taipei, Taiwan, and Istanbul, Turkey.

In his free time, he teaches statistics courses at Eastern Michigan University. ​

Clayton Yochum
Data Engineer | Scientist

Clayton is a data nerd and engineer who loves building elegant solutions for our customers. Since graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science in Mathematics from Michigan Technological University he has gained experience in areas including data science, machine learning, software engineering, and business intelligence.
In his spare time Clayton consults for the Child and Adolescent DataLab at the University of Michigan’s School of Social Work and is a co-organizer for the Ann Arbor R User’s Group.

Meagan Carr
Research Assosiate

Meagan thinks of statistical consulting as a wonderful opportunity to blend two things she loves: using data to answer interesting and complex questions as well as working with people. As a PhD student in clinical psychology, Meagan has strong training in academic writing, statistical analysis, and research design. Meagan’s research interests include addictive behaviors and measurement development, which is the topic of her doctoral dissertation. When working with clients, Meagan is committed to answering your questions, both large and small.

Rachel Schmidt
Office Manager | Research Assistant

Rachel is an enthusiastic researcher who is also dedicated to taking care of everything a busy office requires, all while tending to clients in a quick and professional manner. Currently an ongoing college student with a B.S. in Psychology and Communication, Media & Theater Arts from Eastern Michigan University, Rachel has competed nationally with the university Forensic Team and acquired exceptional public speaking, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills. In her free time, she continues to coach those still competing for EMU as well as aiding psychology graduate students with their research projects.

Curator of Office Stick Collection

Linus was rescued from a shelter in Kokomo, Indiana in the fall of 2013 before moving to Ypsilanti, MI later that year. A world champion swimmer, he is in charge of bringing in sticks (and only the best sticks) from Riverside Park and maintaining high morale in our fast-paced, agile environment.