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Methods Solutions

 We’re not industry specific. We’re data specific. We work with everyone to help them find a solution with their data. If you show us the data, we will show you a solution. It’s that simple. 


We can help your company develop practical, customized insights to translate data into action.

Maximization of your customer data will allow your company to gain insights into effective business operations, organization, and customer behavior to improve corporate performance.

We can help you . . .

  • Make decisions quicker than market peers
  • Respond and adapt to changing market conditions faster than your competitors
  • Improve corporate performance
  • Use customer analytics to uncover patterns
  • Increase market earnings and profits

Let us help you harness the power of your data to enhance the productivity and efficiency of your company.

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Are you interested in applying big data solutions to your problem?

 We will collaborate with you to combine your data resources to help you gain new insights, improving your efficiency and effectiveness by transforming large volumes of disparate data, into confident and accurate decisions. 

From Operations Research to Web Analytics Applications and everything in between, here at Methods we have a vast skill-set that can meet nearly any of your needs.

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Small Businesses

Do you want to make smarter, faster, and more effective business decisions at a fraction of the price of larger data mining software companies?

With data on your side, as an owner of a small business, you no longer need to compete with only superior service and personal intuition.  As a small company ourselves, we know what it takes to be a competitor with larger companies.

Let Methods help you gain a competitive advantage by capturing data and applying predictive analytics, rather then just relying on past experience.

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Interested in gaining better insights to demonstrate value, achieve better outcomes with treatments and technologies, and improve effectiveness and efficiency?

Let us help you provide a means for evaluating your data to optimize clinical care so you can stay focused on what is important—your patients.

What can Methods do for you?

  • Statistical support for clinical trials
  • Clinical Care Optimization
  • Enhanced efficiency of clinical cases
  • Evaluation of wellness incentives and meaningful use objectives

Methods is your solution to finding your way through complex sources of data to improve outcomes while reducing your costs and staying focused on your patient outcomes.

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Looking to optimize your building or construction project? Get the most out of your oil wells? Interested in saving energy, reducing operating and maintenance costs?

At Methods we define, measure, analyze, and improve control to minimize variability in manufacturing and business processes. By conducting prescriptive analytics we can help you make better decisions in the future. We convert data into meaningful information, helping you make important operational decisions to maximize your efficiency, regardless of the project.

What can Methods do for you?

 | Six-sigma analysis | Control charts and data visualization | Statistical quality control | Statistical process control |Experimental design|

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Looking to make smarter and faster investment descisions?

At Methods we recognize the importance of being an accurate and effective investor. We have the ability to model market behavior, predict equity performance, and optimize your portfolio allowing you to make smarter and faster investment decisions for better return with less exposure.

What can Methods do for you?

| Leverage those “high ticket items” to increase profitability | Model the outcome of investment decisions | Gain real-time insights into client demand | Identify patterns in successful and unsuccessful trades|

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Interested in improve your decision making, decreasing inefficient spending, assessing existing programs, or creating new programs?

At Methods we understand the importance of the work you do. We want to help you make decisions about the most effective way you can allocate your limited resources to maximize social impact.

Our data analytic techniques can gain you insights about behavioral patterns of your beneficiaries, ensure you are delivering programs and services to areas with the highest unmet needs, and create a relationship between the capital you receive and the impact of your program.

We will work with you to make sure we provide you with the most affordable solution.

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In need of a statistical consultation? A statistician to help with your methods section?

We’re here to help and you can trust us with your data. We have experience working with large and small data sets. Our broad experience with a variety of statistical methods allows us to determine the appropriate quantitative tools to apply to your problem.

What can Methods do for you?

  • Assist with Grant Applications
  • Analysis of surveys, whether the data were collected from a convenience sample or through a complex sampling design.
  • Statistical analysis for new and revised submissions
  • Combining complex databases, including tables stored on SQL servers.
  • Cross-sectional and longitudinal data analysis.
  • Standard statistical modeling, including ANOVA, regression, factor analysis, –SEM, HLM, survival analysis, and others.
  • Multiple imputation for missing data.
  • Nonparametric approaches and Generalized Additive Models.
  • Computationally intensive methods including Markov Chain Monte Carlo, bootstrapping, and other types of simulation.

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Graduate Students

“Been there, done that”
We know the methods and results sections are often the most painful parts of a graduate thesis or dissertation.

We can help you choose the best data analysis plan for your research and assist you with proper interpretation of results–without the sleepless nights and daytime fretting.

Why choose us? At Methods we are different. The focus is on you. We won’t try to impress you with our backgrounds or attempt to lead you to do things our way. We recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to data analysis and will patiently work with you to determine your specific needs. Our goal is to ensure that you meet the goals that you and your committee have agreed upon.

Worried about cost? We know funds are tight in graduate school. Our costs are much lower than our competitors without a loss of quality. Tell us if you find a cheaper quote for your project and we will do our best to beat it!

We know we can help you defend with confidence.

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Sports Analytics

Are you looking to gain insight on recruiting, perform predictive analyses of players, prevent injuries, gain real-time competitive intelligence on play effectiveness, or analyze your opposing team?

Methods can do all of this and much more. The sports industry is swimming in an overwhelming amount of powerful data. Methods can use that data and to create meaningful predictions and useful analytics. We have the capability to conduct advanced sports analytics using 21st century metrics for player potential as well optimization algorithms to make the best decisions at decisive moments during the game.

Analytics is the next frontier of sports. Let Methods take you to the front of this journey.

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Application Development

Regardless of your industry, Methods has the capability to develop easy-to-use individualized self-service web applications that can take your messy data and return it in an easy to understand form. We take care of the back-end so that you never have to think about the algorithms underlying the analysis.

We go beyond pre-packaged software applications to give you a solution that is specific to your needs and your company, in 1/4 of the amount of time.

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