Our Work

"The unity of all science consists alone in its method, not in its material."
- Karl Pearson, The Grammar of Science (1892)
Methods Consultants was formed in 2009 - before words like Big Data and Artificial Intelligence were even a twinkle in the eye of Harvard Business Review - with the goal of helping clients make sense of quantitative data.

Over the last decade, we have helped clients from nearly every industry leverage data to improve decision-making. We are not industry-specific, we are data-specific. Nonetheless, we have particular strengths in the following areas:
Health Care
We have long-standing relationships with multiple large medical systems to analyze patient outcomes data, reducing hospital costs and patient complications.
We have repeatedly been called on to serve as consultants and expert witnesses in complex litigation.
We have developed client-specific applications to automate the forecasting of equity moves on the basis of key signals our clients rely on.
Market Research
Clients have relied on us to perform advanced statistical modeling for post-market surveillance, advertising ROI, and optimizing the geographical location for new establishments.
Biomedical Research
We have developed statistical analysis plans for companies submitting their products and devices to the FDA for approval, and our analysis has helped demonstrate that the products conform to the manufacturer's claims.
Our data scientists have assisted researchers from nearly every discipline that believes in objective truth (no, not all of them do...) get published in peer-reviewed journals and acquire highly competitive grants. Every year we appear as co-authors on published manuscripts for our work performing the quantitative analysis.

What Makes Us Different?

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