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The data analytics industry is filled with a sea of data crunching machines promising their latest high-tech software will deliver their customers the most salient actionable and empowering insights, instantaneously.​  Methods is different. 

We are high-tech with a personal approach.

As development specialists in statistical and machine-learning, we provide tailored approaches, addressing your data overload to arrive at clean, actionable insights. We pride ourselves in being simple, approachable, hands-on experienced data programmers that emphasize doing what is right for your project–not what is easiest.

We are actionable and affordable.

Big or Small Project, millions of data points or just ten, contact us to find out what we can do for you. You will be surprised at how far your budget will take you. Whether you are working with big data, survey data, or seeking patterns in petabytes of unstructured text, we know what to do. Our methods have helped non-profits demonstrate that they are making a difference in their community, identified predictive signals in the rapid movements of the stock market, recovered taxpayer dollars for the federal government otherwise lost to fraud, and improved the internal administrative processes within a medium-sized business. If you show us your data, we’ll show you a solution.

We are engineers.

We can program in any type of statistical software—R, SAS, Stata, SPSS, Mplus, and even Visual Basic for Excel. Our knowledge of databases include the most popular platforms used by large and small businesses including Oracle, MySQL, SQLServer, and Hive.​

We have integrity. 

We prioritize ethics and honesty above all else. Our analysts never lie with statistics. We will always give you a candid reading of your data to help you build upon your strengths and identify areas of need.​

We have accuracy.

We are active Masters- and PhD-level researchers who stay afloat of the most recent advances in statistical methodology. We leverage our real-world experience to provide sound advice on any project.​ We impose strict quality control over our analysis and retain all of our software code so that everything we report can be fully replicated. As a comprehensive source for advice on methodology, we provide instruction in data analysis techniques at the same level as a research university, but in a manner that is tailored to your specific needs.​

We have experience.

Whether you are working with survey data, or seeking patterns in petabytes of unstructured text, we know what to do. We do not let 20th century methodology limit what can be learned from 21st century data.​

We are confident that Methods is the solution for you.
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